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loans, going into debt, or giving up equity to investors!

Our focus is supporting women health professionals of color to fund and grow businesses that make impact. We not only help them make the impact that they are called to make, but also ensure that they are able to recreate their lives for more fulfillment in the process.

In addition to helping women fund their healthcare practices without loans or equity investments, our members also get to participate in an affirming community that helps them reclaim their power and rediscover their purpose. Our programs provide Black, Indigenous and other women of color with a streamlined roadmap, mentorship and training with strategy, skills and support for funding an enterprise dedicated to health equity that is aligned with their values and vision, so they can thrive. 

All of our programs are integrated with mindset & work-life integration support and a private community to, ensure that our women can navigate openly and honestly, the intricacies of paving your own career path and managing the stressors of work in the healthcare environment.  


About Our Programs

WOMEN of color in healthcare — now, more than ever before — CAN NOT ONLY create ENTERPRISES IN HEALTHCARE that are PURPOSE-LED & IMPACTful  BUT FUND THEM TO BE sustainable.


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  fOR women OF COLOR ready TO fund, BUILD & grow mission-driven,  service-based healthcare companies that create health justice for communities in-need