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Many of us —as Black women in healthcare — have felt called to what we've coined "the great liberation". We've stood by while the healthcare system required us to haul their shortcomings on our back while our mental health & desires for true impact took a toll. 

It's time to stop waiting and start creating our own vision.

The basics of social entrepreneurship, how to use this model to grow businesses focused on health equity and stop stalling your success model to grow businesses focused on health equity and stop stalling your success.

The 5 most common blocks that Black women face in getting their businesses funded and the critical strategies to overcome these challenges.

Our signature 5-pronged framework to help you go from passion project or idea to becoming fearlessly funded, so you can accelerate your growth and scale your business, even if you are still working full-time.

in this exclusive  masterclass you'll learn




CEO, Melanin & Medicine and Strong Children Wellness

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