When we think about entrepreneurship, we think bootstrapping. We’re so used to having or using the least amount of resources from our own pockets or paychecks to make things happen. But, think about it… who does that serve?  When it comes to entrepreneurship funding and evaluation need to be thought of as a key part of the work you do to build a business. 

In our FREE Stop Waiting & Start Creating workshop, Dr. Omolara — who has won six-figure funding for two successful social enterprises — teaches you how your social impact business or practice idea or vision CAN be primed for maximum funding opportunities.  

When people spend money on something they don’t just want to spend, they want to invest. That’s why this episode focuses on thinking about ways that we not just do the work of creating a business, but make sure your efforts and ideas attract social investors so your business can be sustainable. And, in order to attract those investors, you need to deeply evaluate your social impact entrepreneurship venture. 

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to make sure you create a social impact business that is valuable 
  • How to ensure your social impact business is buyable
  • How to create a novel social impact business that is sustainable and verifiable 
  • Ways to position your social entrepreneurship venture as a scalable and visionary business 

…and much more!

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S2: Episode 2- The 4 Key Ingredients for Building Health Equity Work that Can Get Funded

February 9, 2022

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Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo is a healthcare social entrepreneurship & funding consultant, specializing BIPOC, women-led healthcare practices partnering with community organizations to create health justice for historically excluded & under-resourced communities.
 As a pediatrician, researcher, and researcher she has secured $2 million in grant funding and has led inter-professional teams to build and scale healthcare delivery and research programs to achieve health equity for marginalized youth and families.